Re: Do Phishers Even Try Anymore?

Today, I got a Phishing note in the mail...from Spain. One Mrs. Mercedes Zulati (the alleged name of the Phisher) paid 7.80 Euros for postage.

What the heck? Why bother? Why not use an email address?

And then I read it. Such pathetically mangled English. Sometimes the punctuation is there, sometimes it isn't, sometimes it is when it shouldn't be. She asks for absolute secrecy because she works at a bank, and is basically scamming the Spanish government of the money. So, she admits to the scam's lack of legality, and she expects that I'll follow through with it.

Then, to add to the hilarity, she says that she won't take calls on the subject because her phone is being tapped. She tells me to call her husband's cell. My guess is that if I called Mr. Zulatti, he would sound suspiciously like a Nigerian and not a upper-class Spaniard.


Do Phishers Even Try Anymore?

I just received a hilarious spam message. I don't get these often and when I do I relish the laugher they never fail to produce. I though I'd share:


Jeg har en ny e-mail-adresse!
Nu kan du e-maile mig på: *********************

Can i trust you with a huge sum of money If yes

reply me urgently to get more details

chin hwang.

- chin hwang
Is it just me, or do you have to be a real moron to fall for that? I once revieved a similar message in which someone who claimed to be of Middle-eastern descent wanted to unload a large sum of money on me because his father (of which he was an illegitimate son) was angry at him or something. It was great, he had like his whole life's story made up. This guy didn't even try.


Quote of the Month: June '07

Butler: "You found God, sir?"
William Wilberforce: "I think he found me. You've no idea how inconvenient that is."
-From the film "Amazing Grace"

This is a great quote about following the call of God. For William Wilberforce (the man who helped to end the slave trade in England) that meant dedicating his life and losing his health for the abolition movement.

TJMK and I were discussing the call of God recently. We're trying to plan our summers accordingly. Hopefully that means that he'll get around to finally posting... maybe. Anyways, I'm not feeling especially insightful right now or else I'd say more.

I do want to take a moment to plug the film Amazing Grace. If you've not seen it I recommend it. It an interesting story and it's funny if you like British wit. I believe the DVD releases this month or is already out.

My bad. The film wasn't that much of a commercial flop to be release already. I couldn't find an official release date yet, but all indications are that it will come out some time this fall.


Apparently I feel a need to get on Google's bad side. Anyways, Weebly seems pretty cool. Basically it's a WYSIWYG blogging tool, and you see what you're going to get instantaneously. Everything is drag and drop. Pretty neat, actually.

Now, don't run to Weebly and ditch your Blogger account. Weebly has a lot of kinks still. Mostly, the publishing times are very long, and the preset templates appear to be all that you can use. Still, it's a step in the right direction for blogging.

Anyways, check it out. And, um, send Google my regards.


Weebly isn't just for blogging: it is primarily a website creation tool, although you can add multiple blogs to it. I think the best use of Weebly currently is not for blogging, but for personal website creation especially for those who know nothing about coding.



Google is doing...

...Big Brother's job for him. We have officially entered a Brave New World. 2007 is the new 1984. Here's what's got me freaked. Google Maps now has a street view. Take a walk down a street in select U.S. cities, read addresses, license plates. Then use Google's power to find the person's name, phone number. Geez. Just what we need with all the pervs walking loose that we have. For example, on the Bay Bridge in San Francisco I found a green BMW 740iL, California license plate 3WSV669.

2020 Jackson Street, San Franscisco. Built by Julius E. Krafft in 1902 for Mrs. Emanuel Heller. Grey Toyota Sienna parked outside. CA license plate 5GCW864. The house was sold on 12/17/2004 for $15 million. Of course, since they live in a mansion, they have an unlisted phone number, but imagine if I took a look at a less well-to-do place?

Anyways, you get my point. It's freaky. As a pure technological thing, it's really cool and awesome. However, technology unfettered sometimes can be not so cool and awesome. This is one of those times.


Something Cool... from Microsoft?!?

Microsoft has actually beated Apple to the punch on some ridiculously awesome looking new technology. Touch-screen computing. Check out this video. Unfortunately, they're going to cost like $10,000 initially. Not ready for consumers just yet.