Oh, Hullo!

Ohmygoodness! I have a blog? I have a blog! Wow... that's exciting... and frightening. Not having blogged in over a month feels sort of like I haven't been paying child support. Is that metaphor funny to anyone? Thought not. I apologize.

Fortunately, the summer movie season has kicked off apparently with Iron Man which I have not seen, but it has gotten surprisingly good reviews so I may. I am planning on going to Prince Caspian, Indiana Jones 4, WALL-E, and The Dark Knight this summer so look for reviews of those beginning soon.

I expect to like Indiana Jones and The Dark Knight quite a bit. I'm not sure about the others. WALL-E is going to be the strangest Pixar film ever and (I've said this a lot and been wrong) it could be Pixar's first flop. I actually don't expect to like Prince Caspian that much. But I am obligated to see it as someone who has fond childhood memories of the book, right? We shall see.

I haven't really felt like blogging about anything else. I am absolutely bored of politics. It looks like Obama has the Democratic nomination all wrapped up which basically means he wins on his age and vibrancy alone. Voters are so stupid. So there you go: I called it right here and now. Get ready to say "President Obama."

And now summer's beginning. Yay. Either that means I will be blogging a lot more or a lot less.


  1. Yay! Someone finally posted!!! Now I have a reason to check this regularly!

    I hope.