the silent witness

sometimes, when I glance at rocks laying about on the ground, I wonder what they've seen. I wonder how many times they have been picked up; how many times the bugs and such, those distinguished creatures that call the underside of the rock home, have been disturbed. how many times have they been thrown? how many countless raindrops have tried and failed to penetrate these rocks' shells?

oddly, the rocks around my house--that is, the one's large enough to be instantly recognizable--feel like friends, old comrades. this one I grabbed from a beach in italy, that one from a beach in san diego. they're old pals, sitting together near the gutter. while the wind blows, the gutter creaks in the wind, scratching slightly the siding on our house. the rust shows through the white paint, revealing some sort of character I never knew that gutter had. the rocks don't mind, they seem to have known for a long time...


Twisted Logic // WALL•E

So way back in January I posted a music video mashup of I Am Legend. I enjoyed making it so much that I decided to do another. The hard part is paring the right movie and song. If the style and lyrics of the song don't match the style and subject matter of the movie then it obviously won't work too well.

Even before I saw the movie, I was thinking about using the song "Twisted Logic" in conjunction with WALL•E. I think it worked out quite well, actually. Lyrics like "Hundreds of years in the future there could be computers looking for life on Earth" fit perfectly. And the musical atmosphere in this song meshes seamlessly with the space scenes from WALL•E. But, anyways, watch and judge for yourself.

*** Spoiler Warning ***
Don't watch unless you've seen the movie. If you haven't, why not? I recommended it!


iHate iTunes

That's right. I hate iTunes and yes, I just made a lower-case "i" joke. Where to begin? Well how 'bout I tell you how they just ripped me off? Pretty annoying.

I'm slowly converting to digital music downloads instead of buying CDs. It's cheaper, really. $9.99 as opposed to $13.99 or thereabouts. A few things have kept me from digital music in the past. Quality, for one. DRM, for another. Also I just like to have the physical album, but if it's going to cost me $3 to $5 more then no thanks. iTunes Plus took care of the quality and DRM problems so that's how I've been buying a lot of music lately. In fact, the only way I'll buy an album is if it's iTunes Plus.

Today I was eying an album I had been thinking of purchasing for quite a while. I made sure it was iTunes Plus and clicked "Purchase." After it finished downloading, I tried converting it to MP3. This is another thing I hate about iTunes. Why must it download in AAC, a format that nobody but Apple uses? Answer: Apple doesn't care about your convenience; they do things their way and cuss out anybody who doesn't like it. So I'm trying to convert this album and - oh no - it's DRM'd. That's weird. I made sure to download the iTunes Plus... or did I?

No, apparently there was also a standard version of the album with crummy 128kbps quality and lovely DRM and there was no obvious option to buy one or the other.  Why would anybody want that over the iTunes Plus version?!? They're exactly the same price!!

Of course you can't return digital music. Instead, I had to "upgrade" the album to iTunes Plus which cost a few extra bucks. Lovely.  So in this case, digital music wasn't cheaper.  I still ended up paying about $13.99 for the album.  Thanks iTunes.

I'm seriously considering switching to Amazon MP3 for my digital music needs.  The only thing that keeps me on iTunes is the fact I don't have a credit card on any easy way to buy stuff online.  I've been buying iTunes songs through use of gift cards.  If I could find gift cards for Amazon MP3, I'd be over there so fast...