Superman gets the reboot. WoW!

During one of my frequent safari-like adventures into the jungle that is Wikipedia, I ran across some rather interesting information.

So, based on the enormous success of The Dark Knight, Warner Bros. has teamed up with Legendary Pictures to give the 70-year-old Superman franchise another go. And guess what? Like James Bond and Batman before him, Superman's going to get rebooted. That's probably what filmmakers should have done in 2006 instead of the relative flop Superman Returns which tried to build upon the storyline of the earlier Christopher Reeve films. Not a good idea. Lex Luthor again? Audiences get tired of the same villain over and over. Even if Heath Ledger were still alive to play the Joker in the next Batman film, I'm not sure I'd want him to.

In similar fashion to The Dark Knight the new film will be named after the superhero's nickname: Man of Steel. That title would have been alright if the Batman franchise hadn't just done the same thing, but it feels like they're trying to imitate Batman a little too much because of it's success.

That's not the only aspect of Batman that will emulated by the new Superman film. It's going to be "darker" too. Go figure. Warner Bros. has stated that "We're going to try to go dark to the extent that the characters allow it." [source] That elicited a strong groan from me when I read it. Indeed, I will groan again now. *Groan...*

It gets worse. Somebody from Legendary Pictures said they'd like to portray Superman as "an angry god." [source]

Now, allow me to get up on a high horse that I shouldn't be riding. I'd don't read comic books. I never watched any of the TV series. Heck, my first real experience with any superhero was when I saw Spider-man. But these characters are part of pop culture and I've been exposed to them as much as anybody.
Batman going dark? I get that. He's always been darker than other superheros with the exception of the campy 60s series. So when the new Batman film series darkened everything a bit more, it made sense. In my experience, Superman's always been a guy in a cape who flies around protecting "truth, justice, and the American way." Or was he?

I read some more on Wikipedia and found out Superman was originally a darker character with looser morals who mostly went after lynch mobs, gangsters and the like. Of course, that was in the 1930s during the Great Depression.

It seems now we are once again headed for depression and film is reflecting this. Since the 90s, action movies especially have become darker and grittier in general. How will Superman adapt to this trend? No idea. It's worked for almost everything else though.

In semi-related news, I stumbled upon another movie in development. Turns out in addition to Man of Steel, Legendary Pictures is also working on a film adaption of the MMORPG World of Warcraft. Now that's funny.

WoW - the movie, will be out next year. *Snicker, snicker*

What to Study?

I have a ten question quiz on 80 pages of a textbook and the first 25 chapters of Genesis tomorrow. That's a lot of material, and not many questions. Augh.

Oh, and, hello again!


A Post for Posting's Sake?

A blog...?  I have a blog?  Cool.

Yeah, I know that's what it must seem like.  I've been pretty neglectful of this blog lately.  As I explained before, both Josh and I were on a trip which threw us off and now we're both back in school.  He's gonna be busy so I don't expect he'll post much.  Me?  I'm just lazy.  I haven't got a lot going on this semester.  Nevertheless I've managed to waste all my time so far.

Frankly I haven't posted here because I haven't felt like posting anything.  I have no thoughts I want to share; not even any links.  I'm so, so, so, so sick of politics and the news in general.

What's the point of this post then?  Good question.  See the title for a possible answer.  I think maybe the tone and subject of my posts are going to need to change if I am to continue this blog.  It'll probably be a more personal tone.  Less formal, less structured... maybe.  I don't know.  I don't want this thing to die.  It's my longest running blog yet and I aim to keep it going.

So, yeah.  I don't know what I'm doing, basically.  I'll figure something out and hopefully the five people who check this thing will continue to do so.  Thanks, blah, blah, blah, blah...