They don't speak for us

I'm going to try and keep this brief and civil, but I may fail on both counts as it's so increasingly difficult to do so when discussing the government.

This is not a post about politics even though I have labeled it as such. We need to get beyond that. The argument over which political party is superior has done incalculable damage to our nation especially during the last 16 years.

While Americans aligned themselves with one party or the other claiming the other party was evil and anti-American, our elected "representatives" in Washington have been selling us out.

Here's the plain fact: most Americans, regardless of "race," religion, or political ideology want the same things. We want opportunity; the opportunity to work for a living doing something we enjoy; the opportunity to get an education; the opportunity to live comfortably; the opportunity to achieve our goals; the opportunity to raise a family and live an abundant life. Put simply, we want the opportunity to achieve the American Dream.

We forget that all too often. We think that simply because a person aligns themselves with the opposite political party or ideology, they want something different for America.

We the people care deeply about America and her future and that is why we fight amongst each other so vigorously.

The politicians of this nation do not care.

You can argue with that all you want. You can defend the people in our government whom you look to as saviors. But their actions speak louder than their words.

For a long, long time our politicians have represented only themselves. They campaign to please the public and their party. They govern to stay in power in cut deals with lobbyists. They have abused their power. They are devoid of a moral compass. They are scum.

We continue to let this happen. We vote for these idiots because if we don't, the wrong idiot might get in. We compromise and vote for the lesser of two evils rather than seeking out the good. We can no longer be pragmatic about this. Look what these fools are doing to our country!

New party leadership will not change this. The political system today is set up such that Mr. Smith can no longer get to Washington unless he is willing to change into a spineless, heartless, selfish creature known as a politician.

Bush sold us out. Obama is selling us out. Congress is running around like a decapitated chicken spending us into oblivion. I HATE our government for it. HATE THEM. I want them gone. Their idiocy now is shaping the futures of millions, perhaps billions of people around the world.

People are finally waking up, but all too many are still expecting the government to aid them in this crisis.

Right now, the United States government does not speak for me. Do they speak for you? Do you want to bailout the greed and ignorance of the banking and housing industries? Do you think Congress should have an incredibly lucrative health care and retirement package? Do you want to pay for the mismanagement of American auto companies? Do you think a guy who screwed up on his taxes should be running the IRS?  Do want the government to continually spend more than it takes in?

I don't.

These people are criminals. They are stealing from current and future taxpayers to remain in power.

It sickens me how we stand by and do nothing. We sedate ourselves with entertainment and luxuries we cannot afford. We are just as much a part of the problem as they are. If neither of us change, the United States as we know it is done for. I truly believe that. The politicians will not change no matter how much they talk about it. We must be the agents of change.

I may be wrong about these things. I pray I am. If I am I shall we pleasantly surprised... but I do not expect to be.


A rant on race...

So I've been doing a lot of filling out of forms recently.  Man, I just love paperwork!  (But that's different rant altogether.)  Something that really, really bugs me on these forms is they always ask for your "race" or "ethnicity."  Now, I have a really earnest question: if all the supposed "races" are the same then why the heck does it matter!?  Honestly, it makes no sense to me.

Racism has never made sense to me either.  I know why it exists.  It's because people are fallen and just naturally screw stuff up.  People discriminate against people who are different than themselves.  There's a natural tendency to do that and it's not entirely bad.  For example: I would discriminate against a serial killer because he is different than me.  I may want to shoot that idiot who cut me off, but I, unlike the serial killer, do not follow through on my impulse to violence.  That, of course, is an extreme example used to make a point (at least I didn't use Hitler or Stalin).

Racism, on the other hand, descriminates not on the basis of behaviour or ideology, but on genetics - something a person cannot change about themselves.  This is completely unfair and just plain stupid.

Clearly there are some slight differences between the so-called "races."  Some are cultural and some are genetic and while it is a mistake to think that all cultures are equal, it is an even bigger mistake to think that the slight differences in genetics between ethnicities makes one people group better than another.

For a long time, left-handedness was seen as wrong.  Children who were left handed were made to learn to write right-handed.  This notion seems very silly now, but it is a prime example of genetic discrimination.

Australian Aborigines were descriminated against for years because they were seen as "less evolved" humans (thanks for helping to justify racism, Darwin).  Obviously Aborigines are just as intelligent as anyone else, the "problem" was that their culture was so outdated.

We can and should debate about culture, but we should never descriminate soley on the basis of things that people cannot change about themselves.

So why are we required to list "ethnicity" on forms?  It's really for statistics, but I don't really want statistics about that sort of thing kept.  As I said, it doesn't - or at least shouldn't - matter.  If we want to truly eliminate racism for good then we've got to dispel the myth that there are fundamental differences between the different "races."  In reality, there is only one race: the human race.  We are divided by nations, languages, culture, politics, and religion, but we should not of necessity be divided because of differences we can do nothing to affect.

Bottom line: judge people by their actions and beliefs, not by their ethnicity!

Ok... gotta get back to filling out forms...