a baby enters the world bathed in blood
loudly protesting his circumstance
with lungs that cannot be emptied
his eyes roll back
and his mouth opens very wide

a young boy laughs with crushing vigour
dreams of big and boisterous things
time gives no glance and moves


an old man coughs
the cold air drawn in
spit beads on his lips

a man on yellowed sheets sees death
and whispers two words
well met


Where is SimCity 5?

I love SimCity. Not Spore. Not the Sims. Not My Sims: Pets. None of that junk. I love SimCity!

Along with RollerCoaster Tycoon, SimCity got me hooked on simulation games. Recently, I finally gave in and bought the SimCity 3000 port for my iPhone. It works surprisingly well. I’m counting on it keeping me entertained on a few trips.

This sparked me to go dig up my old SimCity 3000 Unlimited disc since that’s the latest version of the game I own for PC. I never got into SimCity 4 because it was infamously buggy and the way roads and zoning were implemented ruined the game for me.

So I popped in SC3K. Thankfully it runs just fine on Windows 7 64-bit. I was kind of surprised about that. Equally surprising: the game is just as fun now as it was ten years ago. Some old games get nostalgically surrounded by a fuzzy pink aura in your memory and are quite disappointing when you
play them again, but not this one.

I did have one technical issue: there are only a handful of resolution options available and, of course, none of them are widescreen. I actually had to change my color setting to 16-bit to get the game to run in a window instead of inelegantly stretching to fill my 16:10 monitor.

This got me thinking. Why is there no new SimCity game in development? The last new game in the series, SimCity 4, came out in 2003 (SimCity: Societies and all those spin-offs don’t count.) Isn’t it time for a new game? I would love to play a well-designed current-generation SimCity!

Why am I complaining when I just said how much I still enjoy SimCity 3000? Shouldn’t I be happy with that? A sequel probably wouldn’t be that great anyway, right?

I thought that Civilization II was the greatest Civ game ever until Civ IV came out (I'm still not sold on Civ V). Why does a classic series like Civilization get well-thought-out refreshes while SimCity, a series which is arguably even more classic, stagnates and gets milked for ports to the iPhone and Nintendo DS?

I have two theories. Either Maxis/EA is content to release keep raking in the cash with new Sims games and ports or they are in development of a new game that we don’t know about yet. I’m hoping it’s the latter. I kind of doubt it though. Secretly developing big name titles isn’t the way Maxis (and especially not EA) rolls. I mean, this isn’t Valve we’re talking about… WHERE’S EPISODE 3, VALVE?

Maxis, EA, c’mon people. Get off your laurels and make a great new SimCity game worthy of the franchise name and my fifty bucks. Oh, and don’t screw it up with stupid DRM and reliance on user-made content either.