Fallout: New Vegas Review

Fallout: New Vegas? Didn't that come out like over a year ago? Why yes it did. Why did I wait until now to review it?

Well, much like I waited to review Crysis 2 until the DX11 patch was out, I waited to review New Vegas until the last of the planned DLC were out. Then I left this review unfinished for six months. Yeah... I do that sort of thing all too often. I have half-finished reviews of Arkham City and Skyrim I need to finish off too.

Anyhow, since all four DLC are out for New Vegas I feel like I can review the game in full. So, I guess this is effectively a "game of the year" edition review.


Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut Announced

Okay, okay! After this I promise I'll shut up about the Mass Effect 3 ending... at least for a while.

So the official news came down the mountain from BioWare today. In a blog post they announced their solution to the whole ending "controversy." It's called "Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut". It will not change the endings nor will it add any new endings. The extended cut (from what we are told) will just add additional dialogue and cinematic scenes to flesh out the possible endings that already exist. It will be released for free sometime this summer.

I have to say that while my reaction to this is mixed, I really have to give some props to BioWare. This probably is one of the better solutions they could have come up with. It doesn't compromised their artistic vision for the game (stupid and horrible as it might be) yet it does give fans what they want in the way of addition closure and information about what their choices meant. That could actually go a long way to improving the experience of the ending. And they're doing it for free which will, at the very least, keep fan outrage from increasing and might possibly win back some goodwill from discouraged players like me.

It does not, however, do anything to fix the fundamental problems of the ending which myself and many others have talked about ad nauseum. And just in case we weren't clear enough before, you might what to check out this excellent half-hour video which picks apart the ending in the detailed style of Red Letter Media (though it isn't nearly that vulgar, fortunately.)

I still think no matter what BioWare does, it will not save this game. Even if the endings do provide closure as we would have liked in the first place, it is too late. The ending of this series is forever tainted for those who have and will play it in its current state.

Time will tell. Now I will shut up about the whole thing at least until the "extended cut" drops. I'm sure I'll have something to say about that.