The End?


The long and short of it is I've got my own website and blog now: Visit if you like.

I tried to explain some of the thought process behind leaving this blog behind and starting fresh in my introductory post. There are basically two reasons.

I felt like I'd written myself into a corner on this site. The focus of my post had become more and more narrow and I just got into the mindset that I was never going to post anything more personal or close to my heart on this blog which was far, far from the original intention.

I also felt like I needed a more strongly branded and somewhat professional web presence. This, being a team blog, clearly wasn't the place for that. And just creating a static site wasn't a good option either. The blog format keeps me motivated to write and produced new work in a variety of formats. At least it should help in that quest. We'll see.

I haven't entirely decided if this is the end for The Vanishing Blog or not. I always liked the name. Liked the idea of a team blog. Kinda wanted to keep it going. Doesn't seem like that's been happening though.

The reality is that my life is pulled in a lot of different directions. I don't think I could blog regularly at two different places when I have trouble just keeping up with one.

When we started out, I blogged about all sorts of stuff. Looking back, some of those posts are pretty embarrassing when I look back on them now. I've grown a lot since this blog started. I have a lifetime of growing left to do.

If you ever enjoyed reading this blog, please consider following me at my new site.

Thanks for reading.

- Matt

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